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A secure cloud solution for employee monitoring, communication and time registration

The secure cloud solution for monitoring your employees and assets, communicating with your partners and registrating attendance and time.

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Flexible Registration Solutions: Empower Your Employees with Multiple Options

Your employees have the freedom to choose how they register at the workplace. Whether it’s through a badge, phone or SMS message, digital beacons, secure palm scan, or the app, our system provides various methods to accommodate your unique needs. The selection of registration options depends on factors such as the number of individuals to be registered, visit frequency, location count, and facility type. With this versatility, you can ensure a seamless registration experience for your workforce.

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Device selection based on location, visit frequency, employee count, partner registrations, and security.

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Can pinall be used for multiple companies at the same time?

Yes, multiple companies can be simultaneously linked to one and the same user, the user can switch between the companies he was granted access to with the same login.

Each user can access multiple companies with the same login credentials. Access is granted by the administrator of the company. Here there are 2 possibilities: the administrator adds the company himself, or the user is invited by the other company. On the platform, each company (unique VAT number) can only appear once. If the company is already active on the platform, it can grant the administrator access to its company.

If a company grants access to someone who does not belong to the company, it will also include which locations the remote employee can see.

If your company has multiple branches or entities but the same VAT number each time, the company will be created once and the classification will be done based on "business unit". Business unit are also a component to grant access to users.

If the company does not exist on the platform and employees use the construbadge or metalbadge, then this company is automatically created on the platform. The company linked to the construbadge is not accessible for consultations, within the platform this is called a "private company", which is only used for information to checkinatwork and interrogations by the company where the badge has been used.

What is "ConstruBadge" en "Metalbadge"?

The ConstruBadge is a personal visual identification badge for every construction worker. The ConstruBadge must be worn visibly on construction sites in Belgium.

For more information

Document ConstruBadge_Brochure_Belgische_Werkgever_NL.pdf

Website www.construbadge.be

The Metalbadge:

The Fonds voor Bestaanszekerheid van de Metaalverwerkende Nijverheid (FBZMN) was mandated by the social partners to issue a "Metalbadge" for all labour(s) working wholly or partly in a yard/yards. This applies to labourers employed in PC 111.1, 2, 3 including apprentice boys and the interims. The purpose of the "Metalbadge" is to enable a visual check and thus prevent social fraud. The issue of the "Metalbadge" is based on article 3 § 2 of the FBZMN statutes.

Since 2017, attendance registration has also been offered.

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Employees not visible or partially visible?

Following possible situations may arise.

  • I cannot find an employee.
  • I don't see the employee's achievements.
  • I do not see all of the employee's achievements

There are a number of possible reasons that registrations are not visible, for this the following steps should be checked:

  1. Can you find the employee in the list of active employees:
  • Go to the overview of employees, "my active employees". Search the list of employees in the search field:
  • employee is found, go to step 2.
  • employee is not found. Check that the active company is the one of the employee. If the correct active company is selected and the employee is not visible, go to the "my inactive employees" overview.
  • If the employee cannot be found in either overview, this employee will not yet have been created for this company. Go to the "employees" function to create the employee.
  1. Employee was found in the company's list of active employees:
  • Make sure you have access to the business unit and location. All employees are always visible (see step1), but registrations are shielded by business unit and location.
  • Each registration is linked (automatically upon capture on the device) to a business unit and location. Users are granted access to business units and locations. This authorisation can only be granted by the company's administrator within pin.all.
  • If an employee's registration is not visible, ask which device the registration was made on. This device number can be used to check which business unit and location is linked.
  • Go to the devices function "my active devices". Search for the desired extension. If the extension is not visible, the extension may be linked to another business unit. Select the appropriate active environment to find the unit.
    • If the device cannot be found, then check in the company's "inactive devices" overview. If the device is not findable, then the device will not have been created for this company, and the device must first be registered.
    • If the device is findable, view the detail of the device, and check that all values such as status (must be active), last activity (view date and time, note UTC (-2h), connected to company, business unit and location (do they match the authorisation), and statistics. If any of these parameters appear incorrect or not filled in, report this to the administrator within your company so that they can take the necessary action.
What is the difference between "accounts" and "employees"?

Accounts is the term used to refer to people logging into the platform. An account has a login (the email address) and a password (account assigns this itself).

Employees is the term used to denote persons who can perform time entries on the platform. Employees are created (or read in via API) on the platform. Employees have a number that links them to their registrations.

The use of a mobile app is specific in this context. Each employee who installs the app is assigned a "fictitious account" by the system. The account cannot be used to log into the platform, but is only used to identify the mobile app when connecting to the platform.

What is Checkinatwork, for who and when?

The responsibility for registration lies with both the person sending someone out to work and the person doing the work. They should agree between themselves who does the registration, and both parties can check that the registration has been done.

For further information, visit the Checkinatwork website.

What is API (application programming interface)?

An application programming interface (API) is a set of definitions that allows a computer programme to communicate with another programme or component (usually in the form of libraries). Often APIs form the separation between different layers of abstraction, allowing applications to work at a high level of abstraction and outsource the less abstract work to other programmes. As a result, a drawing programme, for example, does not need to know how to control the printer, but calls a specialised piece of software in a library to do so, via a print API.

pinall has a separate website url for the API.

Where is the manual?

The manual can be downloaded from the following link: Pinall_Manual_5.0_NL.docx .

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